About Me

I studied piano and accounting in college, but I have always loved photography. In high school I took photo and loved developing film and making my own prints. I worked at the JC Penny portrait studio in college and learned to work with families and lots of babies.

I have a small home studio, and I love to be outdoors taking photos. My style is film-like photography and I want my images to be timeless, not trendy. I keep it real and don't over edit photos (yes, I have wrinkles and some grey hairs you can see in my headshot there.)

I believe everyone is beautiful and has features to showcase. My goal is to make you look your best and capture real emotion. Embrace who you are right now.

Our Deppe Family

Here is a photo from 2020 before my daughter left for California. I have 2 boys and 2 girls: 22, 20, 18, and 15. We had an extended family session at my uncle's house in front of his barn (it's what my mom wanted. We never had a farm or barn growing up and we're more city people, but I like animals and the idea of a farm. Sometimes I feel like I live at a zoo with just 2 cats!)

barn Michelle Deppe photography family spring summer lifestyle photo

Published in Photography Magazines

Open Lens. Our Photographer's Circle.

Rogue Photographer. Creative Eye. Color Shot

2020 Kaysville 4th of July photo contest winner

Worked at the JC Portrait Studio

Studied film photography and developed black and white prints.