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I hope you liked my photos at the Davis Conference Center!

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These are a few of my favorite things...

  • family dinners at home
  • card games
  • hiking and wandering outside
  • waterfalls
  • blueberries and raspberries
  • soft fluffy socks
  • popcorn and Netflix

My Deppe Family

I know what it's like to try to get your family excited for photos, especially teens. I have 4 older kids, 2 cats, and a super patient husband in Kaysville, Utah. I've been a mom 23 years and am experienced with taking photos of families. My son is on the autism spectrum so I can understand others with special needs.

Here's our latest family photo with all my kids together for a minute. Now that all my kids don't live at home I love to see their photos on my wall everyday.

Why photography?

Photography is important to me because each moment only lives once. In a photography we can freeze time and make a memory. Really, it's your family history. I love to see photos of my parents and grandparents and see how they were in their younger years, don't you? In photographs I can see resemblances of me in my extended family and it helps me to connect with them. The photos you take now will one day be seen by your great grandkids and be part of your family history.


I love the mountains and grew up in Utah. I wanted a mountain backdrop for our photos and my kids were patient enough to climb through the weeds to get this photo. I'm an outdoorsy person with imperfect hair, no make up, and I wear my Birkenstocks everywhere.

family photography mountain green trappers loop Michelle Deppe Photography Kaysville Utah Farmington outdoor

Photos in Mountain Green 2022. I love being outdoors! I can take you to this spot.