Family Photography Session in Mantua, Utah

In June there is a campground on the way to Logan filled with red poppies. The poppies come out for a few weeks then disappear until next year. News of this beautiful garden has gotten out. As we drove to park the car we joked that there were more photographers than poppies! It was super busy with people and cameras.

We walked around and found a less busy area to start taking photos. The two sweet kids were excited to touch the flowers and explore the area. We honestly had fun weaving our way around the poppies. The light was golden and the fields of flowers were quite magical.

I drove here the week before to see how many poppies were out. There were some, but not a lot. I made some portraits of my family and had my daughter take my photo up here too! It was a 45 minute drive from my home. Will they sell permits next year because of all the crowds and photographers? Maybe. I'm just glad I did come and see the poppies and had a fun photo shoot with this cute family the week later.

Their Grandma came with us and danced in the flowers with the kids. She wasn't planning on being in the photos, but I seem to take shots of family and friends that come to the shoot (be warned!). A photo shoot is more than just pictures. I like to create a memory, tell a story. This beautiful family loves to laugh and play together. Family portraits freeze this memory forever. You can tell this family is filled with love for each other. You can't all of a sudden be close to your family for an hour photo shoot. Relationships with each other come across in the photos. I could be wrong. Maybe people are good at acting and can pull it off, but I think kids really show their true emotions when they are playing and relaxed like these shots. You can feel the love in the photos. Can't you?