My New Blurb Book: An Ordinary Fall Day

I've made other books before of our vacations and our family photos and professional albums for families, but this is my first commercial book of fall photos I took close to my home. I was feeling like Walter Mitty this year: I haven't gone anywhere or done anything. Or so I thought. I took my camera out for a walk and realized I don't need to travel far or do anything to see something of beauty. Here is the link to my new book!

One of the best things about photography is you can take an ordinary photo from about anywhere and make it look unique. Really. I saw someone do a whole series in black and white with spoons. You can do anything. Tell a story with photos. I did a series of photos of my shoes taking a morning walk (since I go for a morning walk about every day.) That spring I saw tiny purple flowers, new tulips, a stream, a snail, petals from pear trees, and I included my shoes in the photos.

It's been good for me to have a 365 day project. I'm committed to taking a photo a day, even if it's with my iPhone. It's funny because the ordinary days of my kids so young are now gone. I look at the photos to remember how my life once was with little kids at home.

Double exposures are fun to try. There are a million different things you can try with photography.

With my photography I want to express something beautiful, unique, something uplifting and memorable. My photos will outlive me. I want to leave something for people to remember me by.

You can take a look at the book I made below or click here to order one.