Tips to find the baby photographer you're looking for

Looking on-line

If I were having a new baby and was looking for a newborn photographer I’d probably Google photographers near me. Photographers should have a website and make it easy to find out what they do. You can look on social media like Facebook and Instagram to see photographers in the area. Be sure to read reviews verified on Google. You can ask friends and family who they like to use as a photography, but always check out their website and portfolio. You want the type of photos that photographer offers.

Make a list based on style

Choose a photographer based on their style. It doesn’t matter how much it costs, where the studio is or how a photographer works if you don’t like their photographs. Do they take photos at your home or do you want to go to a studio? Do you like traditional posing or more natural posing? Do you want to use props like baskets, hammocks, special outfits, or do you want a more minimal look?

Questions to ask your photographer

What training and experience do you have?

One of the most important things to ask a photographer who may handle and photograph your newborn baby is what training and experience they have had.

This is even more critical in posed newborn photography, where the photographer will spend a considerable amount of time handling and posing your fragile new baby. It’s important for your own peace of mind to know that the person you’re trusting with your baby has had appropriate training in how to handle and safely pose them.

There’s no requirement for having a formal qualification before you can call yourself a newborn photographer, but there are many opportunities for photographers to learn, and to keep up-to-date, including:

Workshops run by very experienced newborn photographers

Mentoring with very experienced newborn photographers

Online courses

National and International conferences

Ideally, your photographer will have a learned from a combination of these and have experience of photographing a number of newborn babies. I worked at a portrait studio and photographed a lot of babies and families!

A newborn baby sleeps under a white blanket in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mom is on her bed with her baby in Layton, utah.
Dad kisses his newborn baby at his home in Farmington, Utah.
On a bed a newborn baby is sleeping and has a blanket over him with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Mom and dad hold baby's. hands as he lays on the bed and yawns.

Where Does The Shoot Take Place?

At your home

Where the shoot takes place is really important when you have just had a baby. Some photographers will only offer sessions at your home, some only in a studio, and some photographers offer both.

Where you want to have the shoot will be very personal to you. Think about whether you want a photographer to come to your home after baby has arrived – it’s definitely more convenient. You don’t need to clean the house, just have your master bed ready with a white sheet. Really you don’t need much room for the shoot.

At a photo studio

Another option is to go to a photo studio. This is what I did with my babies, but I didn’t take my newborn out in the winter to a studio. We’re in Utah and RSV and flu season is a worry. It’s also harder to pack the baby around in the winter.

When to Have a Newborn Photo Shoot

The best time to have a newborn shoot is when the baby is1 to 2 weeks old. It’s easiest to book your newborn session before the baby is born. You can plan to have the photo session 1 to 2 weeks after your due date and most photographers have some flexibility also if the baby comes early and you need to change the day.

Each photographer has a limit on the number of time scheduled for photoshoots during the day. So asking this early on will help you to narrow down which photographers are available for the date you want.

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