In-home Newborn Family Photo Prep

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a momentous occasion filled with joy and wonder. Capturing these precious moments through professional photography allows you to cherish and revisit these memories for years to come. When planning for a newborn family photo session in the comfort of your home, proper preparation can significantly enhance the outcome and overall experience. Here are some essential tips to ensure your home is photo-ready for this special occasion:

Timing is Important:

Coordinate the session timing with your newborn's schedule. Newborns are often more relaxed and cooperative after feeding and napping. I like to come to your home around 10 am in the morning. This gives you time to bathe, feed, and change your baby. Ideally, your baby will be sleepy and sleep through the session. If the baby is awake, that's ok too and I work with your baby to capture those sweet moments you have together.

Minimal Decluttering:

I like to take photos in your master bedroom, on the bed. A white sheet is ideal for the natural lighting, but you can have the color. you choose for your photos. You can clear off the night stands and extra things around the bed. Please don't stress about cleaning your home. I can help move a few things if I need to.

I also take photos standing by a window and photos in the nursery. It's up to you to choose which areas are your favorite.


I like to include the whole family in your family sessions. You can have your dogs and cats in the photos if you want to. I really enjoy animals and pets are family too!


My favorite light is natural light from the windows. works wonders for newborn photography. Open curtains and blinds to let in as much natural light as possible. Turn off the overhead lights and lamps because they can make unwanted shadows and color casts. Sometimes I will use a flash to fill in the natural light in a room. My job is to make you look your best, so I will be aware of the lighting.

Cozy and Comfortable Settings:

Create cozy and comfortable settings for the photoshoot. Arrange soft blankets, pillows, and comfortable seating options to ensure both parents and the newborn feel at ease during the session. Soft textures and neutral colors often work well for newborn photography setups.

Meaningful Props:

Incorporate meaningful props or accessories that reflect your family's personality and style. This could be a favorite toy, a cherished blanket, or any sentimental item that you wish to include in the photos to add depth and emotion.

Temperature Control:

Newborns are sensitive to temperature changes. Make sure the room where the photos will be taken is comfortably warm (about 80 degrees) to keep the baby cozy. You can have a space heater in the bedroom too. I like to take baby photos without clothes, so keep the room warm.

What to Wear:

Coordinate outfits for the family that complement each other without being too matchy. Soft, solid colors or subtle patterns generally work well. Avoid loud or clashing colors that could distract from the main focus—the bond between the family and the newborn.

Relax and Enjoy the Moment:

Embrace the session as a chance to bond with your newborn and each other as a family. Connection is key in your newborn photos. Stay relaxed and I will capture those genuine, heartfelt moments that tell your unique story.

By following these steps, you can create an inviting and comfortable environment for your professional newborn family photo session. The result will be a collection of timeless images that beautifully capture the love and warmth shared within your home during this special chapter of your family's journey.