A trip of a life time

Brian had always wanted to go to Israel. In 2020 we booked an Israel tour before COVID shut down everything. We rebooked for 2021 but Israel's borders closed again with COVID. So, in December 2022 this was the year we could actually go!

Bountiful Travel

Our tour guide was John Hilton III and our tour was through Bountiful Travel. I'd highly recommend their tours! The hotels were amazing, great buffets of food, the busses were awesome to drop us off and pick us up where ever we went, and Dr. Hilton was amazing. He's a BYU professor of ancient scripture study and I first heard him in 2020 on a podcast. I signed up for his newsletter and then we signed up for his tour. He lived in Israel at the Jerusalem Center one year with his family of 6 kids. He really knows the city and areas around Israel.

The whole story of our trip is quite long and I made a book about it that is 168 pages with photos and text. Long story short, our Salt Lake flight was too late to make the connection in Dallas so we took a red eye to New York, waited 11 hours, then took another red eye flight to Tel Aviv.

We were a day late and our luggage was lost but overall the trip was wonderful and we'd do it all again. Luckily our luggage showed up a week into our trip and in time to go to Jordan and before we'd travel home. Petra in Jordan was busy. Wadi Rum was a wild ride in the back of pick up trucks and camel rides.

Here are photos from the trip.