Missionary Photography

Getting ready to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a big commitment. I've had 3 of my kids serve a mission and it's a big decision with lots of steps to get ready.You need to visit the doctor, the dentist, get your vaccines, have wisdom teeth taken out, and of course have a headshot photo to submit with your mission papers. The pixel size has to be just right and honestly a phone photo just isn't good for a headshot. Missions happen once for a young adult and it's worth investing in a professional headshot and missionary photos.

Missionary Picture Ideas

Some Elders choose to have photos taken as part of the graduation senior photos. The missionary I took photos for did this. He split half of the time with casual senior photos and the other half with a suit and missionary photos. You can get a lot of photos done with one outfit and one location in a half hour so it doesn't have to take too much time.

Props for Missionary Pictures

Book of Mormon

It can be fun to have a Book of Mormon in the language they are serving in. Service missionaries will use a Book of Mormon too! I had 2 service missionaries and 1 Spanish teaching missionary in my family. You can use the book reading or holding it out front (like this photo). Missionaries will hand out lots of these books and study hours from the Book of Mormon.

Flag of Where They are Serving

It's a fun idea to include the flag of where the missionary will be serving. It can be a country flag or a state flag. I'd recommend ironing the flag before hand to get the wrinkles out.

Name Tag

If the Missionary is at home for a service mission he can wear the tag in the photo. My daughter had home MTC and I took her photos with her wearing the name tag.

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LDS missionary Elder photos by Michelle Deppe Photography Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where to have missionary photos?

You can have missionary photos outdoors, at the temple, or in a studio for a headshot image. It's really up to you and the look you want for your missionary photos. Some of my favorite locations are:

  • Bountiful Temple
  • Ogden Temple
  • Snowbasin
  • Woodland Park in Farmington, Utah
  • Layton City Park
  • Tunnel Springs Park in North Salt Lake, Utah
  • Salt Lake City Capitol building
  • Memory Grove park in Salt Lake
  • Mountain Green, Utah for mountain backgrounds
  • my studio

Using your missionary photos

Besides using the photos for your mission papers you can use them for a mission plaque, missionary Facebook account, a blog, prints on the wall, photo album, farewell card, and prints for the family.

Hope these ideas are helpful for your missionary photos! Let me know if you want to schedule a session with me. Fill out the form below.