Newborn Photos

Having newborn photos celebrates the arrival of your new baby. Your whole life changes whether it's your first baby or second or third. The whole family feels the excitement of a tiny person joining your home. It's hard to believe how something so little can be so huge! Really it's joyful but also overwhelming, right?

Finding a newborn photographer

When you are looking for a newborn photographer you'll probably ask around and google some photographer websites to look at. The most important thing is to find a photographer with the style of photography you want. Some offer traditional in studio shots with just the baby alone. Others offer lifestyle newborn sessions at your home (this is my preference.) I take some traditional shots of the baby alone with a wrap, but I like to include the whole family at your home for newborn photos.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

My favorite place to take photos is at your home where the baby and you feel the most comfortable. You have all the diapers, wipes, snacks, and extra clothes and blankets at your home. You don't have to leave and pack the car to go out for photos. It's harder to leave with a newborn and even harder with a baby and toddler. I have 4 kids and going anywhere with a new baby took a half hour to get ready, pack the car, and get everyone buckled in tight. It's so much easier to have the photographer come to you.

Lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is less formal than traditional portrait photography. Posed, perfectly photoshopped images look great, but they aren’t real. I’m looking for natural images that are real. I was trained as a traditional portrait photographer, but I also take more lifestyle photos of really life. I break rules. There is messy hair, eyes closed, grumpy shots, running, playing,'s real life. I like people not looking at the camera. They are looking at each other with real expressions and playing with each other. Or the family might be reading a story together or closing their eyes to snuggle together.

I want your photos to show emotion and connection. I love to see a connection with the people in the photos and I want a connection to the viewers also in the photo.

I like to document normal every day things and also have a directed scene of a family together. In my work you can see joyful times, but also quieter times and snuggles. It's the same in newborn photography. I will take photos of you feeding, changing, and snuggling the baby. I also take the look at the camera photo traditional photo but my main objective is to show who you really are. I also show a more romantic or fantastical image of family life with kisses and more snuggles.

Can’t it be the same in photography? In life you have all of the emotions to feel. I want your photos to feel something. Photography is more a feeling than perfection. Here are of my photos that show my style of newborn photos.

newborn photos in Salt Lake City Utah with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Baby photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In-home newborn photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.
newborn baby at Salt Lake with Michelle Deppe photography.
Newborn in Salt Lake City Utah with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Newborn girl with Michelle Deppe Photography in Utah.
Lifestyle newborn photography with Michelle Deppe in Salt Lake City utah.
sleeping baby in crib for newborn photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City Utah for newborn in-home photos.

The Power of Storytelling in Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Now, let me talk about how the power of storytelling in lifestyle newborn photography. By capturing your family in your own home, I can tell your family's story in a way that truly captures the essence of who you are. From the way you decorate your home to the way you interact with each other, every detail tells a story that is unique to your family. I can capture those moments in a way that truly brings that story to life.

Creating Your Family's Story

So, how do you create your family's story with lifestyle newborn photography? Well, it all starts with choosing the right photographer - someone who understands the art of storytelling and can help you capture those moments in a way that truly reflects your family's unique journey. From there, it's all about creating a relaxed and comfortable environment that allows your family to be themselves. Whether it's snuggling on the couch, playing with toys, or simply enjoying each other's company, a newborn photographer can capture those moments in a way that truly tells your family's story. I'd love to be that photographer for you.

Let Me Tell Your Newborn Story

In the end, the power of storytelling in lifestyle newborn photography is all about capturing the essence of your family's journey in a way that truly reflects who you are. By combining the art of photography with the power of storytelling, you can create a narrative that will make you laugh, cry, and cherish those precious memories for a lifetime. So, if you're ready to tell your family's story in a way that truly captures the magic of this special time please leave me a message below.

Michelle Deppe