Lofoten, Norway Photography

Above the Arctic Circle

In February 2023 I went to the Lofoten Islands in Norway. I met a group of 6 other photographers and 2 guides from Sweden, Portugal, Canada, Indonesia, Los Angeles, and I was the solo traveler from Utah. I spent a week photographing the beautiful fjords, high mountains, the aurora, and winter beauty of Norway.

Lofoten is known for fishing and producing fish oil. Every day we had fish and my favorite was the halibut and arctic cod. We would go outside all day, have a sandwich for lunch, and find more amazing places to photograph during the day. We had 2 nights of seeing the northern lights, or aurora, and it was amazing! I really want to go back it was such an amazing place.

Norway, lofoten Michelle Deppe photogrpahy
Lofoten Norway landscapes by Michelle Deppe Photography.
Norway landscape by Michelle Deppe photography
lofoten Norway by Michelle Deppe