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Are you expecting a baby and looking for the perfect newborn photographer for your family? If you’re like many parents, you’ll want to capture those early moments of your newborn’s life but don’t know what to expect from an in-home photo session. As a professional newborn photographer in Salt Lake City and Davis County Utah, I’d love to help you capture those special memories with a beautiful photo session. I’ll share some tips and advice on what to expect from a newborn photo session at your home with me as your photographer.

In-home Newborn Sessions

The best place to have your newborn photos is at your home where the baby feels the most comfortable. I recommend bathing the baby, feeding her, and changing her before the session. It's easier to have sleepy baby photos, but if she is awake, we can do that too. Basically the session is led by the baby.

I want to have photos of the baby in your arms and show the connection and love in your family. I will take photos of the baby alone and close up shots of the baby as well as the family together.

Have the room about 79 degrees so the baby will be warm in just a wrap, blanket, or no clothes at all. A space heater is a good idea to keep it warm.

During your session, I use minimal props to create beautiful images of your newborn. I have grey, white and pink wraps for the baby and white blankets. Of course if you want to include a special blanket or item in the photo you can always do that. Let me know what you have in mind for the photo session and shots you would like to have.

What to Wear to a Newborn Photography Session

When it comes to newborn photography, you want to make sure you’re dressed comfortably and won't distract from the baby. You don’t want to be too formal or too casual. You should also avoid wearing anything with bold colors or patterns that may take away from the focus of the photos.

If you’re not sure what to wear, you can always me for suggestions. I have a few ideas that will help you create the perfect look for your photo session. (Click here to see more about what to wear.)

What to have for a Newborn Photography Session

You’ll want to make sure you’re prepared. You can have a few things close by: an extra blanket, baby wipes, extra diapers, and a bottle of formula or breast milk. You should also bring any props you’d like to use in the photos, such as favorite stuffed animals or a special blanket. I generally don't use many props in my photos, and want it to look natural, but you can include anything that is meaningful to you.

Where to have photos taken

I like to take photos in the master bedroom, nursery, and by the windows for the best natural light. It's best not to have overhead lights or lamps on with different color casts during the photo shoot. You don't need to clean anything, just have a clear space on your bed. A white sheet on the bed works great for the background.

We'll take photos of all the family together, mom and baby, dad and baby, and baby alone. I also like to include pets if you want.

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