What is a Cake Smash Photo Session?

Babies grow up so much that first year. You almost have to take a photo everyday or else you'll miss a milestone. I was so excited when my baby smiled, rolled over, sat up, and could walk on their own. A fun milestone to celebrate is your baby's first birthday with a cake smash photo session. You can make the cake anyway you'd like and at the end of the photo shoot your baby can dig in with his fingers and enjoy the cake. For this little guy the mom made a sugar free and gluten free cake. So many kids have allergies so it's safer for you to bring the cake you know is right for your baby.

A cake smash can be 30 minutes just with the baby and then the cake. Another option is to have a full family session with all of you together and then you have photos of the baby alone at the end.

Have a Cake Smash before the birthday

One idea is to schedule the photo shoot a few weeks before the birthday so you can have photos to send out for the one year birthday party. Trying to schedule a photo shoot on their birthday can be stressful if you're going to have a party that day also. I'd recommend doing the photo shoot earlier.

Practice at Home

One tip that can help the baby be more comfortable with the idea of smashing the cake is to practice at home. You can have a frosted cupcake and play with that. Kids usually love to play with their food. Show your little one how to play with the cupcake and know it's ok to be messy. It kind of goes against what you'll teach her, but for the cake smash it can help to do this the day before.

What to bring

  • Cake smash outfit
  • Accessories (If any)
  • Cake stand or any other decor that you are providing
  • Cake Topper (If any)
  • 2-3 wash cloths for wiping dry & wet
  • Baby Bath Towel
  • Baby soap
  • 2 changes of outfits for the baby
  • Bag to keep the dirty cake smash clothes
  • Change of outfits for you (parents) as you can get dirty while helping the kiddo
  • Diaper Bag with essentials
  • Favorite Toy or anything else take makes the kiddo more comfortable
  • Favorite treats

Let you baby enjoy the experience!

The main thing is for your one-year-old to enjoy the whole experience. It doesn't matter if he doesn't like the cake or gets mad even. It's all part of the story of your baby turning one! Messes are expected.

Little one year old cake smash at a photo studio in Kaysville, Utah.
Little one year old cake smash at a photo studio in Davis County Utah.
Davis County photography studio session of a little one year old cake smash.
One year old birthday session and cake smash in Utah.
Little one year old cake smash at a photo studio at Michelle Deppe Photography.
Little one year old eating frosting off his cake before he smashes it.
Looking down at little Liam eating his birthday cake at Michelle Deppe Photography studio.
Cake smash session in Utah.
Smiling baby boy with his cake smash in Kaysville, Utah.
Cake smash time for little one year old boy in Davis County, Utah.
Curly haired little one year old looking cute with his cake smash in the studio of Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography cake smash session with little one year old and his yellow cake.

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