Fujifilm Recipes

A few years ago I discovered Fuji JPEG recipes from Fuji X Weekly. I started out developing film and shoot film until 2006 so I love the look of film. Film has a timeless look that's hard to copy. I've tried to edit my RAW files to look more like film, but editing takes time and effort so I like to use the JPEGs straight out of camera.

Here are some JPEGs using Reggie's Portra Recipe. Portra is a Kodak film is great for portraits. The tones are warmer than other film. It's written for the Trans IV sensor but I've been trying it out with the XT5 and my old XT3. With the XT3 I didn't have the color chrome effect Blue, so I just did everything else.

Here's the Portra recipe from the Fuji X Weekly website:

Classic Chrome

Dynamic Range: DR-Auto

Highlight: -1

Shadow: -1

Color: +2

Noise Reduction: -4

Sharpening: -2

Clarity: 0

Grain Effect: Weak, Small

Color Chrome Effect: Strong

Color Chrome Effect Blue: Weak

White Balance: Auto, +2 Red & -4 Blue

ISO: Auto, up to ISO 6400

Exposure Compensation: +1/3 to +1 (typically)

These are SOOC JPEG's on the XT5 with the normal setting, not even fine setting. I think the new XT5 sensor is amazing. The dynamic range is better and I have no regrets upgrading from the XT3. Also the light was indoors, which can have weird tones, but I think the Fuji did great indoors.

Portra is a great film stock for portraits. It handled the indoor lighting really well also. I have grain added and a high ISO indoors and I love the image quality of the XT5

fuji xt5 recipe portra with Savvy and Solly with a gift bag.
3 little girls in dresses laying on the floor taken with Fuji XT5 portra recipe.
Addie singing a song with a dress in Syracuse Utah, Davis County.
dad and daughter playing the piano together.
Nativity cast with kids in Davis County Utah.
Nativity play in Syracuse with baby Jesus and Mary.
Elise with her Wacom tablet drawing in Syracuse Utah.