Double Exposures in Camera

I was playing outside with multiple exposures in camera with my Fujifilm XT5 and my 50mm 1.0 I wanted to make impressionistic images and tried the first image in focus and others out of focus to get this look. I used manual focus and peaking, which works well shooting at 1.0 - 2.0. Not much is in focus for some of these. I also tried different lighting and some were in full sun like the one above.

Fujifilm 50mm 1.0 Lens

This lens is a beautiful portrait lens. I've used this lens a lot for single portraits and wanted to play with it for my nature photos. I love the bokeh and shallow focus with this lens. I liked to play with manual focus for these images also. I took the first one in focus then played with what to have out of focus for the 2nd and third shot in camera.

Fujifilm XT5

The auto eye focus on this is great. Again I use this camera for all of my family photography. It's fast enough to keep up with kids running and flying up in the air. I usually use the 23mm or 35 mm lens for family photography and use the 50mm for up close portraits.

I love the color science of the Fuji XT5. Skin tones look great indoors and outside. Some people love to use film "recipes" to bake their jpeg images. I usually shoot raw for portraits, but these were JPEG images taken with the Classic Negative film simulation. The greens are more cool with this simulation.

I love the dials on the XT5 and wish the double exposure was on the left dial like the Xt3, but you can have up to 9 images in 1 exposure now. You have to find it in the menu.

Lots of lens options

I love having a lot of different lenses to choose from with the Fujifilm XT5. I have 3 lensbaby lenses including the Velvet 85mm that I love for flowers. I've tried the Helios and macro lenses, and telephoto lenses for the Xt5 and it give me a ton of options. The kit lens of 18-55 is a great zoom lens I've taken on vacations. In fact my go to travel camera is the Fuji XT5 and the 18-55 kit lens. I've taken other lenses on trips, but 90% of the time I used that. The fuji is weather sealed for rain in Paris, snow in Norway, and sand in Jordan. It's been a super, light weight camera that can go anywhere really. If you get a water cage you can do underwater photos, which I haven't done with this camera.

I'll give you some examples of the 50mm 1.0 with portraits as well as my spring blossoms I took.

kaysville utah gaily trail with Michelle Deppe Photography and high school senior photos.
high school senior photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in kaysville utah.
spring blossoms with Michelle Deppe Photography in Kaysville Utah.
Davis high senior photos with Michelle Deppe photography.
farmington utah senior photographer Michelle Deppe.
Michelle Deppe Photography with senior photos in Layton utah.
woodland park farmington utah for senior photos with Michelle Deppe.
Michelle Deppe Photography with senior photos in farmington utah.
Michelle Deppe Photography at woodland park in farmington utah with high school senior photos.
antelope island for senior photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.

What do you think of the Fujifilm XT5 or the Fuji 50mm 1.0 lens?

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