My Fujifilm Cameras

I love Fuji cameras. I've had my XT3 since 2020 and I still use it as a back up camera. it's the camera I'll let my kids use for video and snapshots. I bought the Fujifilm GFX 50sii in 2021 and then in December of 2022 I bought the Fuji Xt5. I know, too much gear, but...

I'm not going to go into all of the technical aspects of the cameras since that has all been done before. What I want to share is my my experience with Fujifilm cameras. The crop sensor cameras and the medium format camera.

Color Science of Fuji

I wanted to buy a Fuji camera to have a more film-like look to my images. I know you can use a Sony, Canon, or Nikon to get a film look but I liked the colors and skin tones of the Fuji cameras. For portraits I like The Arch Type Process profiles. I have the Fuji 400 profiles and like them a lot.

Fujifilm XT5

The new sensor for the Fuji XT5 is brilliant! I like the extra megapixels from the XT3. It's a big upgrade for me. I have the most lenses for the x series camera and honestly, this is my "go to" camera. Here is what I like best about the Fujifilm XT5.

  • lightweight and small (perfect for hiking)
  • weather sealed (doesn't mind the snow or rain)
  • cheaper lenses than the GFX lenses
  • fast focus and tracking
  • good for action shots (I use this camera the most for family photography)
  • all of the dials are on the outside
  • plenty of megabytes

In February I went to Norway with Andy Mumford for a photo workshop. He's a Fuji X Pro from the UK and an amazing landscape photographer. The crop sensor worked really well for taking photos of the northern lights. I used the viltrox 14mm 1.4 lens for the first time taking night time photos. I was extremely happy with the photos I got the 2 nights we saw the aurora.

northern lights by Michelle Deppe photography
Lofoten Norway aurora by Michelle Deppe photography
Michelle Deppe Photography northern lights
Aurora in Norway by Michelle Deppe Photography .
Norway waterscape by Michelle Deppe Photography.
Homnoy Norway by Michelle Deppe Photography.
red cabin in Norway by Michelle Deppe photography
white church by Michelle Deppe Photography in kaysville utah.
black and white mountain by Michelle Deppe Photography.
Mountain top by Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City Utah.
Michelle Deppe Photography lofoten Norway
double exposure by Michelle Deppe Photography.
Mountain and water in Norway by Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography in Lofoten Norway landscapes.

Fujifilm GFX50sii

When I tested the GFX50sii for free from Pictureline in Salt Lake City I was in love. I HAD to have this camera. The details were amazing and I liked the kit lens of the 35-70mm lens. The focus wasn't too slow and was super for landscapes. So what I like best about the GFX is:

  • more detail than the XT5 if you really look close and pixel peep
  • makes me slow down and be more intentional
  • beautiful quality and dynamic range in the images
  • Great for traditional portraits and landscapes

What bugs me about the GFX is

  • no dials like the XT5
  • heavier, bigger lenses (but the 35-70 is pretty light weight)
  • harder to nail focus
  • expensive gfx lenses
  • fewer lenses to choose from

I ended up selling my canon gear for the GFX and bought the 80mm 1.7 lens for portraits. It's a beautiful lens if your subject doesn't move too much. It works well for traditional portraits, but it hunts and doesn't always find the focus when they're moving a lot. For landscapes the detail is wonderful, but honestly I can't tell much difference in the prints from the GFX and the XT5. I printed my images for a gallery show and both cameras did really well. I printed up to a 20" x 30".

I used the Fuji GFX in Norway with the 35-70mm lens and it worked well. My tripod wasn't great and with the wind the XT5 was my first choice. I packed the 18-55, 10-24, 14mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4, and the 55-200mm.

And the winner is...

the Fuji XT5, for me. I think that if I would have bought the XT5 first I wouldn't have gotten the GFX 50sii. Oh well, live and learn. I'm not going to sell the GFX and I still like it and use it, but it is bigger and heavier glass and I'm more of a "hike around and take photos" kind of person.

Could tell which photos were from the XT5 Versus the GFX? Honestly I have a hard time remembering. The aurora photos are from the XT5 with the Viltrox 1.4 14mm lens. Most of my photos were with the XT5 because my tripod wasn't great and the GFX was too heavy for the tripod. I prefer to shot without a tripod, but for night and long exposures I had to use a tripod. The black and white mountain shot was with my GFX and hand held.

The format of the xt5 is 2:3 while the GFX is 3:4 so that is a difference, but. you can always crop your photos any size. I think the colors are pretty close with both cameras.

I'd love to hear what you think about the Fujifilm XT5 and the Fujifilm GFX 50sii.