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Family Session Tips

Planning your family session may seem stressful, but once you have a date set, I can help you with the rest. In our sessions I like it more relaxed. We play games, giggle, snuggle and laugh a lot. I will guide you how to stand or sit but mostly you can be your self. It's ok if the kids aren't perfect. It's normal and I work with them to get fun photos.

  • Tell your kids how much the photos mean to you and why you are taking them.
  • Know where you want to use the photos (wall art, cards, announcements, album, etc.)
  • Have a reward for after the session is over like going out for ice cream.
  • Come to the session rested and fed. Don't eat dinner after the session and tell the kids they can eat later. This makes it really hard during the session.
  • Don't book too many things before the photo session. You don't want to be exhausted.
  • Think of the session as creating a memory together. It's your family history.
  • I like to take photos during golden hour, about 90 minutes before sunset. Give your young kids a nap so they won't be too tired for the photos during the summer
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes. Heels are not so great at the park or field. (more on what to wear here.)

Let Your Kids be Kids

It's normal for kids to not be excited for photos. I will get them moving, playing, and giggling so they will forget I'm even there. Let me take the lead in the session and have candid shots along with the traditional shots of your family. I love working with kids and I've been a mom 23 years. (click here for more ideas to prepare your kids for photos.) I have smarties for the kids, stickers, and a small prize for after the shoot. You can have bubbles or balls in the photos to have it be more fun. I also have a blanket for the kids to run underneath. The kids can run around the parents for a photo and really it's about them enjoying the time outside. I love to be outside too.

Photography is more about how it feels

In my family sessions I love candid, genuine smiles. I want you to feel relaxed and have it be an easy going experience. I'll get the traditional shots with everyone looking at the camera, but I also will guide you to walk together, sit together, and have you joke together to enjoy the session.

I want to tell your story through photos. We'll show how you are right now and celebrate the family you are. It builds kids' confidence to see their family photos on the wall. They feel like they are part of something bigger--a family that likes to be together. I didn't always like taking family photos, but it really becomes more meaningful as the the years go by. The photos you take now will become more priceless later on. Kids grow up, they move out, so much changes. It's wonderful to remember the moment in a photograph.

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Where to Have Family Photos

I have my favorite places around Davis County, Salt Lake City, and Mountain Green with different backgrounds and looks. You can have a green park background, tall golden grass, mountains in the background, and more options. I'll show you my favorite locations and you can decide. (Here's the link to my favorite locations.)

Outdoor photos are my favorite. I take outdoor photos year round. Of course if it's too wet it doesn't work, but snow can be really fun for a winter photo. The spring blossoms and wild flowers of spring are beautiful too. A lot of people like to have photos in the fall with the golden color of leaves. It depends on you and what you want to see on your walls.

What to Wear

You can think of the coloring of your home and what colors go well. Choose neutral clothes that coordinate together. I mentioned this earlier, but please wear comfortable clothes that are not too loose or too tight. Choose colors that look good for your skin tone. Have your clothes ironed and clean. Avoid logos, neon colors, and really bright colors in your photos. (Click here for more ideas on what to wear.)

I hope these ideas help you plan your family session.

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