Fujifilm GFX Recipe on my Fuji GFX50SII camera 

Something I’ve played with on my Fuji XT3 is putting in different “recipes” for my jpeg images. I like to give the JPEGs a unique look straight out of camera (SOOC). I’ve done more moody shots, bright, warmer tones…the combinations are endless really. Many recipes say they look like film, and they come close. The thing I love the most is not having to edit RAW files if the JPEGs look good enough. I usually shoot both RAW and JPEG because you can edit a lot more details in RAW.

I shot these GFX photos in a 1:1 square format, so it would look more like a medium format film camera. The recipe I tried was for the XT4 but I put it in my Fuji GFX 50sii. Here are my settings for the JPEG’s. Also I usually shoot manually for everything, no exposure compensation on these. I used the kit lens, because it’s about the only lens I can afford for this thing. It’s good for landscapes I think. I have the 80mm for portraits and it’s a heavy lens. So for hiking I like the zoom lens on this thing (35-70mm.) The auto focus is fine, not super fast. I heard another photographer say to only manual focus on the GFX, but I don’t. I even have people walking in the shots and they are in focus. The focus isn’t as fast as the Fuji XT5 but it’s workable in my opinion. 

Here’s the recipe I saved in camera:

Image size L 1:1

Image quality N+Raw

Lossless compressed

Film simulation: Classic Negative

Grain : Strong, Large

Color Chrome effect : strong

Color Chromed FX Blue :weak

Smooth skin: weak

Dynamic Range : DR 100

White Balance: K, 6700, Red: -3. Blue: -1

Color -2

Sharpness -1

High ISO NR 0

Clarity: 0

I honestly can’t find which recipe it was that I tweaked. I love the recipes on Fuji Weekly.com and I'm not sure which of the 250 it was, but it's inspired by someone else. Another favorite recipe is on my Fuji XT5: Reggie's Portra. It's great for portraits.

Here are some JPEG’s from my St. George, Utah trip last November. I like the skin tones on the FUJI also. These are imperfect, unedited, SOOC images from a morning hike. Let me know what you think!

sunburst in St.George with GFX fuji recipe
fuji gfx 50sii recipe used for st. George utah rocks
sunburst on a hike in st. gorge utah with gfx recipe
Elise sitting at St. George, utah with Michelle Deppe photography
gfx recipe for jpeg of st. George utah
red rock with fuji gfx recipe
red rock and shade with fuji gfx recipe
weeds against red rock in st. George utah
red rock st. George, utah
Sarah smiling at Michelle deppe

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