Family Photo Location Scouting near Kaysville, Utah

My business, Michelle Deppe Photography, is based in Kaysville, Utah so I wanted to see where I could find some fun fall locations not far from where I live in Davis County. Fall is a favorite time of year for family photos. Everyone is thinking about a family photo for their Christmas card and they want to update their photos on their walls. Sometimes locations are quite crowded and it's hard to find a good spot with beautiful color and great scenery for the background.

Gaily Trail, Fruit Heights, Utah

By Nicholls Park the Gaily trail has a woodsy feel with a dirt path and tall cottonwood trees that turn yellow and gold in the fall. There are bridges, a stream, and tall weeds along the trail. Sometimes it's really busy with runners, walkers, and bikers. The best time of day is probably around 10 a.m. or so. The light is still good, but most people are at work so the trail is less busy. I've also taken photos at 4 p.m. and it hasn't been as busy. There is a lot of shade so I think you could take photos here any time of day really, but ideally late morning and late afternoon are optimal for less crowds and indirect light.

Pet's are allowed on the trail so you can have your photo with your dog here too. It's a favorite dog walking area also. The trail is usually pretty clean and litter free.

Family fall photos at the Gaily trail in Fruit Heights Davis County Utah near Kaysville and Farmington.
Mary running at Gaily trail Nichols park near Farmington and Layton Utah in Davis County.
Dog Maura and Michelle at Gaily trail near Kaysville Utah Davis county farmington and fruit heights.

Tunnel Springs Park, North Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the most busy places to take pictures is Tunnel Springs Park. You'll see brides, families, seniors, dogs, bikers, runners, and a bunch of photographers. Good thing it's a big place and there is room for everyone. I love the tall weeds, rolling hills, wooden fences, and open fields here. I've taken several senior and family sessions here and often people will prefer to have photos here for a fall-time vibe.

Recently I took photos for a family of 7 here. The weather had been perfect until the morning of our photos. The rain storm was coming so we tried to meet early enough to beet the rain. it was windy and we did have a bit of rain, but the overcast day was perfect for the lighting and clothings they wore. I loved the harvest colors or orang and tan, the royal blues, and deep burgundy solid earth tone colors.

My favorite photos of the family were of them dancing, laughing, and the candid-looking shots.

bob and Mary at tunnel springs park sitting outside in Davis county Utah North Salt Lake.
tunnel springs park north salt lake Davis county utah
Teenagers family session at tunnel springs park in north Salt Lake City utah Davis county.

Great Salt Lake Shoreline Preserves, Layton, Utah

Another favorite of mine is the Great Salt Lake Shoreline Preserves. It tends to have quite a few mosquitoes so it's best when it's not too hot outside. Still wear bug spray here! There is long grass and a boardwalk that loops around the wet land area. Sometimes you can see pheasants, ducks, frogs, and other birds. The mountain views are beautiful and it's perfect at golden hour about an hour before sunset. There isn't much shade so you have to time the photos just right for good lighting and no harsh shadows. Here are some photos from a family session I did there in October.

mom and daughter at Great Salt Lake shoreline preserves in Layton Utah Davis County family session fall time.
Great Salt Lake shoreline preserves family photos session in weeds fall

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