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Fall time in Utah means beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves on the trees. The hillsides and especially the mountains are filled with color. So once you've picked your location it's time to decide what to wear. You can decide how dressy or casual you would like to dress.

Start with Mom's Outfit

It can be hard to know where to begin, but think of it as building blocks. Start with one outfit and then you can build upon that. My recommendation is to start with mom (or daughter), since women’s clothes tend to have more colors and prints. Try to limit big busy patterns and logos.

I would wear a dress in your favorite color. Not only are dresses flattering, but you will feel good in it. If you hate dresses, think about a skirt/top combo, but choose something that is slightly dresser than your everyday look. Long dresses are especially flattering. Pick a dress that isn't too tight or too loose, a dress that you feel confident wearing and it's comfortable. Make sure everyone's clothes are comfortable and the kids are happy wearing them. Wear clothes that represent who you are. I would avoid really trendy outfits and go for a timeless look.

Choose a Color Scheme with Complementary Colors

After you’ve chosen mom’s outfit, think about 2-3 coordinating colors (not matching), some neutral and one of which pops and brings life to the outfits. Also, the color palette you choose will affect your appearance and the overall look of your photo. Warmer colors like peach, cream, brown, will give your photos a soft glowing look, while bold and vivid colors will produce a brighter and sharper appearance. Neutral and pastel colors blend well with other colors. Muted, earthy tones are a good idea. Here are some examples of fall warm tones you could wear. Here are some ideas of what to wear for fall.

clothing to wear for fall family photos

Colors in Your Home

Another idea is to think about the colors in your home and what you want to see hanging on your wall. Some people are into black and white photos and have high contrasts in their home. My home has more earthy tones with wooden blinds, wooden floors, beige walls, and brown carpet. For my family's photos I wanted a mountain background and to have the photo printed on wood to go with my natural, earthy feel of our home. The frame design and color can really add to the feel of the photo also, so it's good to keep that in mind also.

What to Avoid

Please avoid large logos like a big Nike Swoosh on your t shirt.

No neon, ultra bright colors, busy large patterns or lots of different plaids.

Really baggy and really tight clothes.

Shoes you can't walk around in.

Really wrinkled clothing.

No socks for kids shoes (I've seen kids get blisters and red skin without socks).

Yelling at your kids.

Short sleeves in 30 degree weather. (Dress coats and sweaters look good in photos.)

Dress Warmly

Make sure to keep your kids warm with sweaters, boots, and enough layers to stay warm when the weather turns cold in the fall. Some fall days can be warm in September, so in that case wear lighter weight clothes. The key is to be comfortable and feel good in what you wear. For one of my fall sessions it was 30 degrees outside so in-between photos we warmed up our hands with a portable heater and they put on their coats. I've heard it said that there isn't inappropriate weather, just inappropriate clothing. So just roll with the weather as it is (unless it's totally raining and a blizzard outside that we need to reschedule.) A little bit of cold is fine and just be warm during the photo session outside.

Here are some more examples:

fall family photo outfit ideas

What feels and looks good

In the end it's up to you to wear what feels and looks good on you. To have relaxed looking photos you want to feel relaxed in your clothes for you photo session. Also, it's not a big deal if the clothes get dirty during the shoot. No need to panic if you get dirt or grass on your clothes. Being outdoors means you might get a bit dirty, but what matters most is the memory and connection you'll see in your family photos

I hope these ideas will help you decide what to wear for your fall family photos!!

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