What age should you do a newborn photo shoot

.A question I’m often asked is how old should my baby be for a photo shoot? I’ve taken photos of babies 5 days old to 4 months and older. If you want a sleepy newborn I’d recommend having your newborn photos taken at 7 to 14 days old. But if you want to wait that works too and you can have a smily baby at 1 to 2 months old. It’s always a good time to document the birth of a new baby. Babies change and grow so quickly that you will want to lots of photos as your baby reaches mile stones like the first smile, the first tooth, sitting up, crawling, standing, and then walking. I love to go back to my kid’s photos and see how they would change from week to week. So my answer is 1 to 2 weeks old is ideal for a newborn photo shoot. For a baby shoot you can do later and really anytime.

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How to find a newborn photographer

A good idea to find a newborn photographer is to search for one in your area, take a look at their website, and see what their style is. Some photographers have you come to their studio and others come to your home. You can see what style you like best from their website.

Another idea is to ask for recommendations and then look up their work and see their website. It’s important to know the style of photos you see on the website and to find a photographer that has the style you like. Each person has a different taste in photos so you will want to check out the portfolio of the newborn photographer. Do you like bright photos, realistic looking photos, dreamy painterly photos, natural or really photoshopped.

dad holding a baby in his arms and mom next to him in Syracuse Utah, Davis County family and newborn.
sister is holding newborn baby girl with mom and brother at home in Syracuse Utah Davis County.

Why I don’t use fancy props for newborns

I believe babies are perfect the way they are don’t need extra props. I use natural wraps and plain backgrounds for my newborn photos. My favorite baby photos are those in the arms of their family. I love to include siblings and parents in the shots of the newborn. I like photos with connection and to see the love in your family. My baby photos are simple and you don’t have to buy anything extra for the baby to wear. The baby can be naked, in a diaper, wearing a white onesie, and swaddled in a blanket. If you want to include a special blanket or family heirloom that is fine, but you can keep it simple.

Natural Posing

I don’t pose babies into frogs or tacos or unnatural positions. It can actually be unsafe for the baby and I want the baby to be safe above anything else. I will place the baby on it’s side, back, tummy (if it likes it and is asleep), and in your arms. The baby feels the most safe at home and I love to come to your home for your photos. My style is simple, no unnatural posing and timeless photos for you. I love lifestyle newborn photography where I focus on the love between you and your baby. I value connection over perfection.

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