As a newborn photographer I'm often asked questions about how to prepare for the session and what to know. Here are some answers to common questions.

Where do you have newborn photos taken? A studio? At home?

I recommend having a newborn family session in your home. It's where the baby and you are most comfortable. Especially in the winter in Utah you will want to have your baby's photos at home. RSV and other viruses are out more in the fall and winter so it's safer for the baby to have photos at home. I wear a mask, wash my hands, and care about your safety above anything else.

Why have professional newborn photos taken? Are they worth it?

Newborn photos are definitely worth it! There are many advantages to having baby photos at home with a professional photographer. The main reason is you get to be in the photos! I took so many baby photos of my kids and I wasn't in very many, which I regret now. Having a newborn baby is a time to celebrate this new life in your home. It's overwhelming with all the stress of taking care of a newborn but they are only tiny once. All too soon that baby will be sitting, crawling, walking, and talking. I'm a mom of 4 and my babies are now 16, 19, 21, and 22. You will want beautiful photos on your walls of your family with your new baby. Babies and kids change so much but a photography will freeze that moment for you to relive the memory.

What if my home has clutter?

I'm not there to photograph your home, just your family. Don't worry about cleaning everywhere for an in-home session. I like to use the master bed, baby's crib, and we could have you stand by a window like the above photo. If you're more comfortable on a couch we can do that. I can crop in and leave the clutter out. Also, I can move things for you if it looks distracting in the photo.

Where do you take newborn photos at home?

I like to have the whole family on the master bed with a white sheet. It's a clean background and works well. Of course if you would rather use your bedspread that is a neutral color or another blanket that can work also. You can fit everyone on the bed and be sitting and lying down on the bed. You just need a white sheet on the bed for a simple background.

 Another place I will take photos is to have you stand by a large window. The natural light from a window is beautiful and you can have a white background and even a silhouette photo. 

Sometimes the best light is in a living room on the couch and that can work too.

The baby can have photos in the crib or bassinet. Sleeping baby photos in the crib are beautiful and show how tiny she is.

You can show me your home when I come and we can talk about where the best lighting would be. I also have a flash to bounce light which can help.

Who do you include in the newborn photos?

I like to take photos of the whole family with the baby. Usually I take these shots:

whole family together

the siblings 

mom and baby

dad and baby

parents and baby

baby alone 

What if older siblings aren't cooperating?

I know a new baby is life changing for the older kids too. Let me work with your kids. They don't have to be perfect, just present. I won't force anyone to do something they don't want to do. Make sure the kids are fed and rested before I come. It can help to talk to them about it. Tell them a friend is coming to make photos of the family and how you will use the photos (an album, wall prints, cards, for grandparents, etc.) Tell them how much this means to you and offer an incentive for after the photo session, like ice cream or something they like. I also give out toy prizes for the younger kids, which they love.

Can you photograph my cat and dog with the baby?

Absolutely! I've done this several times and it has worked out well. I have 2 cats and used to have a black lab. Pets are part of the family. I'll show some examples of pets in the newborn session. Here are examples of a newborn gallery. I like to tell your story through a series of images. I want to show the love you have for each other in your photographs. Of course there is some chaos involved but I know how to work with it and they loved the images. Don't you?

Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
baby toes Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
awake baby on bed Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
awake baby holding hands Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
dogs on the bed Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
dad and baby Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
mom and dad Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle
dogs Salt Lake City utah newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in-home lifestyle

How long is the in-home newborn session?

Typically it takes 60-90 minutes. I've even stayed 2 hours. A lot depends on the baby and the shots you want to have. I go at the baby's pace and it's always worked out.

What should everyone wear?

baby: I recommend neutral colors for the baby. She can wear a onesie or be swaddled in a white blanket. I have a white, pink, and grey wrap you can use for the baby.

mom: you can wear a long dress or anything you feel comfortable in. Pick your outfit first. Then choose colors that will blend together. (What to wear for a family shoot. in this blog post)

  • dad: simple plain t-shirt, dress shirt with no logos, big patterns or designs.
  • kids: solid colored clothes with no logos, big patterns, or designs. comfort is key.

Do you bring props?

I have 3 wraps (white, pink, and grey) that the baby can use. I have a white, fuzzy blanket I can bring, but I do NOT use baskets, bean bags, or do unnatural posing. I photograph the baby swaddled, naked with a diaper, and in your arms. I like to have natural photographs of your family with the baby. Babies are perfect the way they are.

How much does it cost?

This is probably everyone's #1 question. Some photographers do not put pricing on their websites, but I tell you upfront all the costs. A 60-90 minute newborn family session is $350. It includes

- travel fee up to 25 miles

-ALL web sized digital images in an online gallery to share and download images

- 50FREE digital high resolution images for printing 

When can I see my pictures?

Give me 2 weeks to edit and upload the images to an online gallery. I will send you an email with the gallery link. From the link you can share images to social media, pick your favorites, share images with family and friends, and anyone can order prints online.

I Hope these answers help and if you have more let me know!

Send me an email to schedule your in-home lifestyle newborn session!

I'd love to talk to you more about planning your session if you want. Thanks!

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