A New Year: 2021

What are your New Year's Resolutions? Are you excited to start another year? What did you learn from 2020 and all its craziness? I realized how little I know, how little I control, and how quickly the whole world can change from a pandemic.

Focusing on photography gave me a sense of purpose this year. I love to meet new people and take their portraits. I also have liked taking photos of just the ordinary things I see. I like to go outside and wander around, finding something that is interesting to me. Simple things have made me happy: clouds, sunsets, sunrises, reflections, leaves, trees, changing seasons... Really there is a lot of variety around me even when it feels mundane.

I walk along this trail nearly every day but when I take my camera with me I find a new shot every time. I like the changing seasons and how the trail changes over time. When I go for a photo walk I basically shoot what I love. I take photos of things that seem interesting, beautiful, or something I want to remember.

Sometimes I see a frozen leaf and I love the frost along it so I take a photo. I like close up photos of leaves and water droplets. The pattern of ice along the stream are beautiful also.

These leaves are taken by my Lensbaby sol 45 with my Fuji XT3. I love the blur effect.

So, I will take photos every day this year and pick out my favorite shot of that day for my 365 project.