Photography On-line Workshop (Retreat)

This spring of 2022 I had the opportunity to enroll in an on-line photography experience. I had questioned what type of photography I liked and what my style was. I found Karen Hutton on-line as a Fujifilm Pro photographer specializing in Landscape and travel photography. I love landscapes, travel, and portrait photography and wanted to find my voice in photography, what it is that makes my photography unique and "me."

The class had 6 members from New York to LA. I'm in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, Karen lives in Lake Tahoe, Kim is in New York, Scott in Massachusetts, Tom in LA, Mark in Arizona, and Jane in Manhattan. We had different backgrounds with the same goal: to find our artistic voice in photography. (Click here to find out more about Karen Hutton).


Karen Hutton is an International Landscape and Travel Photographer, Artist, Speaker,

Author, Educator, and Professional FujifilmX-Photographer.Karen's signature "Artist's Voice

Photography Retreats" in Europe and the U.S.A. have been enthusiastically attended

by participants from around the world. Her written articles have been translated into multiple languages. Karen’s fine art prints have appeared in shows and installations within the U.S.A. and Japan.

Through stunning imagery, humor, thought provoking ideas and a genuinely positive outlook, Karen inspires people to not only discover their artistic voice in photography- but in life.

Here are Karen's words about the Artist Voice Retreat: I held my first “Artist’s Voice Photography Retreat” in 2015 at Julia Child’s summer home (La Pitchoune) in Provence, France. The notion was born of a

vision I’d had for leading small, intimate groups of people through a process

of creating photographic art -- doing so from a place of authenticity and

joy -- in their own unique voice, as individual as a fingerprint. Imagine the

love child born of a “spiritual retreat” and a “photography workshop,” and

you’re there. I wanted to offer full immersion into a singular experience … one filled with

wonders and surprising delights. La Pitchoune and the Riviera certainly


It called for people with an open mind, open heart - and an unabiding desire

to find their true artistic voice. They came … and amazed me with their

bravery, creativity, and heart. The results were astounding; each person

finding a new level of storytelling, creativity, and photographic expression

that they never expected.

“The Artist’s Voice” has traveled to France, Italy, and the U.S.A. Each

experience was unique, but the breakthroughs were consistent. Each one

was awe-inspiring, as much for me as it was for my amazing participants.

Then … 2020. Travel stopped. Planning new trips stopped. Life as we knew it

stopped. I thought my heart would stop too.

But, in 2021, a NEW idea nudged and wouldn’t leave me alone; how about

holding “The Artist’s Voice Retreat” online? At first, I thought it was a bad

idea. After all, my retreats were about the locations, the food, the filling of

senses with wondrous experiences. Weren’t they? Without those things,

WAS there an Artist’s Voice Retreat?

Turns out -- not only was the answer a resounding YES! -- but this new

format took each person deeper than I imagined possible in just a few short

weeks. We could hone each of the system’s concepts in a much more

focused way. The results were truly jaw-dropping. Awe-inspiring. It changed

each of us, myself included.

But how do we share such an experience, held privately and out of sight?

So many people were curious about what we were doing, how it was going.

It was impossible to explain in mere words.

Hence this ebook. I thought … What better way to share the essence of our

adventure than by creating a gorgeous book? Better yet, I thought, let’s

collaborate and write it together!

That’s exactly what we did. Each person wrote their own chapter.

We worked together between two platforms which allowed for full

transparency, group input, and a beautiful design. As a result, this book has

its OWN voice … and how perfect is that? A book about Artistic Voice,

exquisitely spoken in a unique collective voice.

Michelle Deppe Photography Salt Lake City Utah landscape fall photographer

These are some of my fall nature photos

fall leaves by Michelle Deppe Photography Salt Lake City Utah Davis County photographer nature

An Artistic Voice is the expression os what you see and how you see it. It's highly personal, for it is your unique view of the world.

Every creative wants her work to be unique and recognizable. When you look at Monet's paintings his style is prominent and you instantly know, yup that's a Monet. His work is impressionistic, lots of blobs of paint, not super detailed. When you look at a Rembrandt his style is dark and moody. He has huge contrasts between the light and dark in his images. Their style is known right away.

Fiery Fall

So what is the artist's voice?

The Artist’s Voice is a system, a process for finding one’s artistic voice,

which, at its heart, is quite simple. Once mastered, it can be applied to

any situation to create personal, unique, awe-inspiring images in YOUR

voice (not mine or anyone else’s).

What’s more, a common by-product tends to be more calm, peace, joy,

and delight in your own creativity, life, and expression. #delicious

Like I said, I pledged to only teach photography my way.

This was it.

Inner Game

What Do You Love?


Planning & Prep

Post Processing and Implementation

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

The best systems ARE simple.

And deep.

There There are a few things you should know about before going into the rest

of this book, like Mind Weasels*... or Weezils, as we fondly refer to them.

These are un edited Fuji images I took

Mind Weezils

Do you ever doubt yourself, second guess

your decisions, imagine "I'm not good


We all grapple with them. Those nasty,

nattery, limiting voices in our heads. Our

friend and voice coach, Katie Crooks,

refers to them as "Mind Weasels." We've

nicknamed them "Weezils."

Mind Weezils are sneaky. Seductive.

Up to no good.

They seem benign at first. Helpful, even.

They speak truth, right? We should listen,

for our own good, and to stay safe. Just

remember - the best lies call you by name.



Dealing with Mind Weezils can be a full

time job. The best neutralizer? Humor.

Being kind to yourself. Understand Mind

Weezils for what they are - little liars,

whose running commentary is designed

to keep you small and afraid to live your

dreams. Don't be!

Once called out and recognized with

nothing left to sink their teeth into, Mind

Weezils will melt like butter. But they sure

give creatives a run for their money!

In Search of Awe

It’s a biggie.

Awe is typically described as that sense of Divine wonder we feel in the

presence of something vast. It transcends our understanding of the

world, it happens in an instant, and nothing is ever the same afterward.

We are hard-wired for Awe.

Researchers now call it the eleventh emotion.

In the presence of Awe, Mind Weezils evaporate. Doubts vanish.

A sense of peace and of the Divine descends.

Your inner eye opens.

You wonder why you can’t live like this all the time.

An invitation for Awe is baked into every single thing we do in “The Artist’s


Our biggest hope is that, by the end of this book, you experience even a bit

of the Awe we experienced in creating it for you.

The Best Part of the eBook is it's FREE!

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