Newborn Photos at Your Home

As expectant parents, the whirlwind of emotions and preparations for your newborn's arrival can be overwhelming. Amidst the chaos, one desire remains constant – the wish to freeze these amazing moments with your newborn in timeless photographs. But the quest to find an experienced, trusted newborn photographer in Utah, particularly in Salt Lake City, might seem daunting.

Having a newborn photography session at your home offers a unique, intimate experience. It allows your family to remain comfortable while creating a cozy environment for your baby, fostering genuine connections for stunning, authentic photographs. You can include your pets and whole family in the session. The baby feels most comfortable at home and it's less stressful for you as parents!

What Makes an Exceptional Utah Newborn Photographer?

An exceptional Utah newborn photographer has experience, artistry, and a nurturing touch. Look for someone like Michelle Deppe, whose 24 years of motherhood have intertwined seamlessly with her passion for capturing newborns and their families in their most natural, heartwarming moments.

Looking for the Right Newborn Photographer

Referrals: Seek recommendations from fellow parents or local parenting groups.

Online Presence: Explore websites and social media platforms, diving into portfolios and client testimonials. Google reviews are a great way to see what others thought of their experience with the photographer.

Talk on the Phone: Arrange a consultation to see if you are a good fit for teacher other. Talking is a great way to tell the photographer exactly what you are looking for.

Safety & Comfort: Ensure the photographer prioritizes the safety and comfort of your newborn during the sessions. Awkward posing can be harmful to babies. Michelle Deppe has minimal props and uses natural posing in the session. The session is baby led and safety is most important.

Ensuring a Lasting Memory

Each click of the camera preserves fleeting moments. During the session you can talk about where you would like photos taken and how you want to use the photos. You can talk about your vision with the photographer, allowing them to capture the essence of your family's love and bond with your newborn.

How to Prepare for a Newborn Session: Learn tips on preparing for a newborn photoshoot and creating a cozy atmosphere at home for the session. CLICK HERE to see more.

What to Expect at Your Newborn Session: CLICK HERE to see more in a blog post about what to know before your newborn session at your home. You really don't have to clean up your home for a photo shoot. You can use the master bedroom, the nursery, and main room of your home.

Here are photos from an in-home session with the newborn and pet dog.

Utah Newborn photographer Michelle Deppe in Salt Lake City, Utah for in-home newborn lifestyle photography.
Utah Newborn Photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City.
Newborn family and dog photography session with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Utah newborn photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake for in-home baby pictures.
Utah newborn photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City at home lifestyle pictures.
Mom and baby for Utah newborn baby photos with minimal props with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City.
Utah Newborn baby photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City at home lifestyle session.
Affordable Utah Newborn photos near me at Salt Lake City Utah Michelle Deppe Photography.
Newborn in-home photos in Utah with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah lifestyle candid natural photos.


An hour newborn session is $250 with 5 digital images, 1 8x10, and two 5x7 prints.

Additional images are $25. Prints start at $5 for a 4x6, $8 for a 5x7, $16 for an 8x10 and on up to 20"x30."

I have albums, cards, wall art, and canvas prints available from a professional print lab.


In the journey of parenthood, moments fleetingly transform into cherished memories. Choosing the right Utah newborn photographer can immortalize these invaluable moments, etching timeless treasures you'll forever hold dear.

Remember, trust your instincts and choose a photographer whose artistry resonates with your heart.

Reach out to Michelle Deppe Photography to schedule your in-home newborn photography session and capture your family's timeless moments today.