Where to take photos in Utah

I'm asked where to take photos many times. I see it on Facebook that photographers are asking what canyons are open, where the wildflowers are, where the blossoms are blooming... Everyone wants a beautiful outdoor location for their professional portraits.

Northern Utah

I live in Kaysville, about 20 minutes north of downtown Salt Lake City. A mountain backdrop is a favorite of mine, and you can find it several places. There are literally a million beautiful locations you could use for photos around Utah. If you don't mind hiking there are even more. But most places that I recommend to my friends I photograph are easy to access from your car and have enough parking.

Davis County Locations

Here is a list of my favorite places to take photos around Davis County, north of Salt Lake City. This list is not in any kind of order. It really depends on what type of background you are looking for. Do you want a beach, mountains, tall yellow grass, fall leaves, spring blossoms, etc. It really is up to you and what you are looking for. (See my other ideas for locations Here:)

Here's what to think about when choosing your location:

  • What are the colors you will be wearing?
  • What are the colors of your home? What would go best with that?
  • What kind of photos do you want? (formal suits and dresses or casual pants) Wedding photos can be in a field, but some people might want a more formal background with columns or an elegant building in the background.
  • How many people are in your photo?

Tunnel Springs Park

In North Salt Lake, Utah on a hill overlooking the Great Salt Lake is Tunnel Springs Park. It's a huge park full of acres of land for mountain biking, hiking, running, tennis, and of course, photographers. It's a favorite place for MANY people so on the weekends and evenings it can be busy. The good news is that there is plenty of room for parking and people to be there. There are sections with tall weeds for kids to get lost in, long grassy fields, a Mountain View, a wooden fence, and beautiful sunsets.

Be aware of the following:

There are no restrooms close to the parking lot.

No drinking fountains,

Not much shade.

Pets are allowed (I think I've seen horses there maybe?)

Farmington Pond

Just off of main street in Farmington, Utah is a small pond where people will kayak, fish, and just feed the geese. I had a cute family wanting to play in the water and throw rocks and it's fun to explore around there. Last time I saw a random chicken walking around. In the summer it would be fun to have photos with them in the water. Most people don't want to get wet, but why not? It's a fun place for adventurous people and close to farmington canyon if you want a hiking trail location.

Keep in mind:

It's usually not very busy.

It's shady with big trees.

Restrooms are close to the parking lot.

Pets are allowed

Gaily Trail

In Fruit Heights off of main street there is a 1 mile trail that goes along a beautiful stream. It's a favorite place of mine year round. The fall has golden leaves, the winter has a snow packed trail, the spring has long pale green weeds, and the summer stays shady. It's a place for senior photos, dance photos, family photos, bridal photos, and anything else. I had people climb the trees for a photo too.

Other things to know:

There are bridges.

It's dog friendly.

no bathrooms

no garbages

no drinking fountains

It's a popular trail and often has swarms of runners and bikers. The trail isn't wide enough for 30+ people but great for other groups.

Kay's Creek Parkway

If you want to see deer before sunset this is the place. I see deer here 99% of the time. There is a small creek that runs through the parkway and deer come here often. The park is in Layton, Utah off of Highway 89 and 93.

Good things to know:

It's a paved 2 mile trail to a big pong.

New parking was added.

Restrooms and drinking fountain are there.

Neighbors DO NOT like photographers so do not cross the roped off parts of the trail. I've seen the police there and they kick out people not following the rules.

View of the east side mountains. (Below fernwood trail in Layton.)

Mountain Green, Utah

Off of Trapper's Loop there are great mountain views. I had our family photos taken here. I just have a pin I give that's on the road to Snowbasin and I've come here a lot for photos of families and senior portraits. The fall has beautiful colors here. I love the view of the mountains from so many places here. I've seen wild turkeys often running around. Lots of wildlife.

Things to know:

Not room to park on the side of the road and cars are screaming past.

Obviously no bathrooms are around and no drinking fountains.

Best in the evenings to take photos on the west side of the road.

Mornings are better for the East side of the road.

Lots of weeds, wear comfortable shoes, no spiky heels.

It's 10 degrees cooler here.

The sun goes behind the mountain sooner than you'd think.

More locations

Ok, I do have more locations I love and I'll have to add to this list later. The photos are from recent photo sessions I've done in these locations.

I like place that have a variety of backgrounds. I take a variety of photos also: close up, 3/4 shots of people, wide landscape portraits, and different things for different people.


Most of the time I don't use props, but you can bring a prop if you would like to. I usually have you sit in the grass, on the fence, and on rocks that are close by. I do have stools, especially for larger groups.

Next time I'll talk about

Antelope Island

Kaysville Pond

Davis High

seniors like to have photos here

Ogden Train Station

Main Street Kaysville

Really I've used people's back yard and photos will turn out great. It's about having an eye as a photographer for what looks good and finding the best light and area for your photos.

If you like what you see I'd love to work with you!

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