Family Shoot in the Utah Mountains

One of my favorite places to shoot is in the mountains. You can take photos anytime of year there and find something amazing! I grew up in Utah loving the mountains. In the winter my family would go skiing and in the summer I hiked with friends at girl's camp. Our home was at the base of Ben Lomond in North Ogden. The mountains were seen in every direction.

This summer I met Heather and Jeff in Mountain Green, Utah close to where they live for a photo shoot. Our location and lighting was great. I love to shoot around 90 minutes before the sunsets to get the golden, soft light.

They have 4 cute kids from 15 down to 3. The three year-old did not like the idea of photos at all! How fun is it to walk through the weeds with someone taking your photo? Sometimes I wonder the same thing? We made it a fun time and I saw real smiles, which I love!

I want to capture a family as it really is. I love photos with connection and love. For me a photo is more about what it feels like, and less about perfection. Families are perfectly imperfect, right? In our shoot there were ups and downs. Literally times when she was flying in the air and happy and other times she ran away and did not want anything to do with the photos. It's real life. There are no perfect shoots. I have to embrace the imperfection of it all and make the most of what I have. (Another life lesson). It took some work but I think we got some amazing shots and memories for their family to always remember.

This last photo was just before they drove away. This was the happiest she had been the whole time and I'm glad I still had my camera out to take it. I love her energy!