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Having a newborn changes your life forever. At least it did for me. Being a new parent I felt overwhelmed, tired, sore from a c-section, but I wanted to take photos of my baby while he was so little. One of my favorite photos was taken by my husband at the hospital and I was just gazing at my sleepy new baby in my arms.

The nurse took photos of my son wrapped up and asleep, but I didn't see his tiny hands, toes, or belly. Unfortunately I had too many "burrito baby" photos of my son and now I wish I had some better photos. It was January and I didn't want to take a newborn out plus I really couldn't drive the first few weeks after surgery. I wish I could have had a photographer come to my home to take our photos. That tiny newborn is 24 years-old now so all I can do is make newborn photos for others. I come to new parent's homes and take photos of their newborn and family.

Having photos at your home is convenient.

Everyone feels the most safe and comfortable at their home. When you take out a newborn you have to bring a bottle, pacifier, burp cloths, diapers, wipes, blankets, extra clothes, more diapers, the car seat....It's amazing how much gear a little baby needs, right?

At home you can have pets in the photos

Pets are the most comfortable at home also. I love to include pets in your photos, because they are part of your family too! Generally pets are very cooperative and we can include them in some photos.

Home is more personal

Your home is a place of comfort and security. The photos at your home will be more personal to you. It's your space, your place of refuge at home. Home is safe. It's best to keep a newborn away from the scary viruses and germs out there. Also, you can include family heirlooms or special things in your photos.

More flexible scheduling

I've come to home in the morning or afternoon and timing is more flexible with me. I will be on the baby's schedule. It's easiest to bathe, feed, and change the baby before the session, but if he needs to eat, then we take a break to have him eat. I'll also take photos of you feeding the baby. I like to tell the whole story of your baby. I take photos of you dressing the baby, snuggling together, and the natural moments you have as a family.

When to have newborn photos?

The best time for newborn photos is 1-2 weeks old when the baby is still really sleepy. I've taken photos of 3 and 4 week olds and they are more awake and it works if you want more photos seeing the baby's eyes. Usually during the session I can take photos of the baby awake and asleep, but it's generally easier if the baby is asleep and comfortable.

How to prepare for photos at your home?

You really don't have to clean up anything. I like to take photos in your bedroom on the bed. I can help you clear off the bed, but it doesn't take a lot of room for photos. I take close up shots of you and the baby. On the bed you can have a white or beige sheet to help reflect the light.

I like to take photos:

  • on the master bed
  • in the nursery
  • by the window

It's really pretty simple. I will look at the space and have you interact with your newborn for photos. My goal is to make the experience less stressful and casual. I take authentic, meaningful photos of you that are unique to your family. It's really my favorite thing to do. My kids are 17-24, no one's married. So I'm not planning on being a grandma anytime soon. That's why I love to spend time with newborns and remembering that time when my kids were tiny and I could hold them tight and know where they were.

The newborn session is around an hour and is custom fit for you. The baby spends most of the time in your arms and I love to capture the memories of this life changing event of having a newborn. It's such an amazing time (and stressful at time). Let me help record memories for you to last a lifetime.

tiny baby toes for newborn photos with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Black and white newborn in mom's arms for in home baby photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.
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Sleepy baby with dad and Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Newborn and Pet photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.
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