Baby Photos at Home with a Professional Photographer

After having a newborn baby and c-section I did not want to go anywhere for the first few weeks. Viruses are everywhere and I wanted my baby to stay safe and I was simply so tired and sore after having a baby I didn't want to think about going to a photo studio to have our photos taken. I had my photos taken at home and it was so much easier for me and my baby.


I think the easiest place to have photos is by far at your own home. You have all the supplies for the baby, extra clothes, blankets, loads of diapers, extra clothes for you if the baby spits up or has a diaper leak, and all the comforts you need. Your baby is most comfortable at home and you don't have to clean the house or really do much to prepare for the photo shoot at your home.

Personalized Background

Your home has your own style and colors you are used to. It's personalized just for you and will show where the baby was loved and lived right when she was born. Chances are you won't be living there forever and the baby will grow up and see the photos of where the family used to live. All you really need is a white sheet or neutral color of sheet for your bed. I like to take photos of the baby on the bed and all of the family there.

Natural Posing

I take traditional "look at the camera" shots, but most of the photos are of you doing natural things. The baby is swaddled naturally and not shaped into a taco or a frog. The mom hugs the baby, gives her a kiss, kisses dad, and enjoys the snuggles of the family. In-home sessions are organic, real, natural. I want to give you quality images that look good and also feel real.

Siblings and Pets are Included

If you have other kids it's easiest to schedule a time when everyone is at home for the newborn photo session. It also saves time of driving to a new location and hearing about the kids wanting a snack or a bathroom break. You can have all the snacks and ease of being at home with the photo session. Kids are the most at ease at home. The interactions of your family are natural at your home too.

I love to include pets in your photos. Pets are family. Pets are fine at your feet or wherever you feel the best should be. We have photos of all of our pets and the memories of past pets too. It's great to include them too in your family photos.

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Flexible Scheduling

You can have your in-home photo session around 10 am, which is of course flexible to meet your needs. Most babies do well in the morning, but not early morning (mom's too, right?). I think 10 is a good time in terms of sunlight in your home too. Late morning gives you time to sleep in, bathe the baby, feed and change the baby, and be ready for the newborn photographer.

If the baby is awake, I take photos of the baby awake. I like to take the most photos with the baby in your arms. It really shows the comparison in size and how truly tiny the baby is. I take photos of the baby by herself, with mom and dad, and each of the parents, and we can add the whole family too.

Personal Connection

By having the photos at your home it is more personalized and we can have a better connection. I can get to know you better and we can talk about what you like and what means the most to you. I think families are the most important thing in life and also the most challenging part of life. I've told my husband that being a mom is the best thing but also the hardest thing I've tried to do. Once you have a baby you are always a parent. Unconditional love doesn't end. The love for your child grows and grows just as they do. But also the challenges grow. It's all a lot to handle. But while the baby is small they are new and perfect just as they are. Their future with you is awaiting. You'll want to always remember how tiny they were, how much they were loved, and how they fit perfectly in your family.

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