Photos at Primary Children's Hospital

Every mom dreams of bringing her baby home and having a healthy baby. For some moms that doesn't happen. Unforeseen problems arise and a baby may not be able to come home and have a life with their family. It's truly a heartbreaking time for family's spending days and nights at the hospital only to have to say good bye to their little baby.

NICU Photo Session

I had the honor of meeting a family with a 3 week old at Primary Children's Hospital. I didn't know all the reasons she was in the NICU but the prognosis did not look good. The parents didn't know how much more time they would have with their new baby girl. They had been at the hospital every day for 3 weeks and wanted to savor each moment they had left.

I came to the hospital to document their story and make memories through pictures for them to always remember the time they had with their newborn baby. The baby had a feeding tube, oxygen tubes, and several monitors and wires. Nurses in the room were very kind and helpful to prepare the baby for photos and place the baby in mom's arms.

I wasn't sure how I would feel taking this baby's photos since I usually take portraits of healthy newborn babies. I don't especially like doctors and hospitals from past experiences I've had. But Primary Children's hospital is unique and has a loving feeling there. The staff were all really polite, helpful, and kind. My own kids were never at this hospital and the level of care here is superior. The specialists here are some of the best and the reputation of Primary Children's is excellent.

Ask the Family What Shots They Want

I think the most important part of this kind of photo session is talking to the parents and asking what shots they would like: baby with a dress, baby in a certain blanket, etc. They usually have specific things they want in the photos and it's a good idea to listen to those ideas. I want to always be respectful and kind to the family and realize this is an extremely difficult time for them.

Talk to the Nurses and Staff

Ask the nurses and workers how much you can move the baby. Also ask if the nurses can help move tubes and wires. For this shoot 2 nurses helped set up the baby where it was comfortable for the mom to sit and hold the baby. Sometimes it might not be possible to hold the baby. A flash may be too harsh for the baby's eyes and I'd recommend just shooting with the light available even if there are not windows.

Tell the Baby's Story

I think it's important to show the whole story. The messy wires, the hospital room, and the close up shots of the baby alone and with family. It's part documentary, lifestyle, and posed. Take photos of what you feel shows the story.

Photo Ideas

  • Shoot wide, midrange, close up, and even closer. Use a wide angle for the whole room. 50mm for portrait shots of the baby. Macro for close up shots of the baby's hands and feet.
  • Get a variety of angles and shots. Keep moving around the room.
  • Bring a stool to shoot wide overhead the baby
  • Compliment the family and talk to them during the session. Tell them things you notice like, "I love her long eye lashes," "she has so much hair," "I Love how her tiny toes curl." things like that get the mom to talk more about her baby. I didn't ask about her health because it's really none of my business and I'm sure it's always on their mind.

I took photos of the whole room, the nurses moving the baby, the close ups of the little baby, tiny feet, little eye lashes, fingers and toes. I hope these photos will always remind them of the time they had with their tiny baby and the hope they will one day see her again in heaven.

Newborn baby photos in Salt Lake City Utah Primary Children's Hospital.
NICU baby photos by Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City Utah.
mom, dad, and newborn at Primary Children's Hospital with Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Michelle Deppe Photography in Salt Lake City Utah for newborn baby photos at Primary Children's hospital.
newborn at primary children's hospital photos with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe photography at NICU primary children's hospital.
newborn baby at primary children's hospital in Salt Lake City utah with Michelle Deppe photography.
primary children's hospital newborn with Michelle Deppe photography.
baby photos with Michelle Deppe photography Salt Lake City at primary children's hospital.
Salt Lake City utah children's hospital photos with Michelle Deppe photography.
Michelle Deppe photography at primary children's hospital in utah.
primary children's hospital Salt Lake City utah with Michelle Deppe photography
Michelle Deppe photography with NICU patient at Primary children's hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.
baby feet at primary children's hospital with Michelle Deppe photography.
baby feet with wedding rings at NICU with Michelle Deppe photography.

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