What to know before the photo session.

Planning your family photo session can feel very stressful, I know. Before we had our family photos taken this year I ordered two new dresses and worried about what our family would wear. I changed my dress four times and ended up not keeping the new dresses I thought would look good on me.

Wear what feels comfortable

So a big tip is to wear what you feel comfortable wearing, something that fits well (not too baggy and not too tight). Wear comfortable shoes that you can walk well in. I would also say to wear something you want to see yourself wearing on your walls as a big print.

Colors of your home

Some people want to match the color scheme they have in their home. Some have more white and grey colors and neutral tones will look good in a photograph. I have another blog post showing color options and ideas and do's and don'ts in there. Click the link for more info.

in-home newborn session in Farmington Utah Davis County Michelle Deppe Photography

Booking a Photo Session With Michelle Deppe Photography

When you decide you would like to schedule a session you can book online directly to my calendar or send me an email to contact me with questions. I'm happy to give you a free phone consultation about the session and give tips about the session and locations I usually go to for outdoor sessions. It's a way to better get to know each other and hear your plans for the session and I can give advice.

In-home Newborn Sessions

For a newborn session I like to come to your home where the baby and you feel the most comfortable. I know I didn't feel like going anywhere right after I had a baby. You can schedule your newborn session 1-3 weeks after the baby is born or you can wait. Really, anytime is a fun time for a family session with your baby.

Where to have family photos indoors

on your bed sitting and lying down

baby alone in the crib

standing by the window where there is better light.

You don't have to clean anything and I can help move anything that might be distracting in the photo. With a lifestyle newborn session I like to include the whole family and have natural shots. I don't put the baby into a taco or frog position or anything unnatural for the baby. Your baby's safety is my main concern. We'll take shots of the whole family, siblings, mom and dad, and with a newborn, shots of the baby alone. It's baby led so if the baby is awake it's ok and we can still have photos of you cuddling the baby and have close up shots of tiny fingers, toes, and her head. I recommend to have the room about 75 degrees so the baby stays warm.

Outdoor Family Sessions

Usually a family session takes at least an hour to do. I've done 30 minute family sessions and you just don't get as many shots and variety and different backgrounds. For the usual family session you will

  • walk together towards me and away from me
  • stand all together
  • sit all together and be snuggly
  • have siblings together
  • have a headshot of each of the kids and parents
  • have the parents together
  • other combinations like girls together, boys together, mom and kids, dad and kids.
  • for older families the time goes by more quickly and we can have each of the kids with one parent or two parents
Kays Creek Parkway Layton Utah Michelle Deppe Photography Davis County

What if my kids don't behave?

Every parents worries about this. I know I did when I had little ones. Your kids will be fine just as they are. I'll play games and we can have breaks for the toddlers. I offer a small prize at the end of the session and the kids seem to like having a stick or small toy at the end. I have a blog post on tips to get your kids excited for family photos. The main thing is to let me lead the session. I'm not going to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do. Most 2 year-olds like to run around and I get fun shots of this every time. I've used bubbles and balls and a blanket parachute to keep it fun. I want to have genuine emotions at the session. When a child is upset I like to take photos of you snuggling together. During the time we're together I will capture the story of who you are. I want to show the love you have for your family. I'm also making an introduction video for kids to know who I am before the shoot. Click the link below for more specific ideas to get your kids onboard for family photos.

Graduating Senior Portraits

For senior photos you can have a clothes change and even a different location within the 60 or 90 minute session. For one senior we had studio shots then went to Snowbasin ski resort for some snowboarding photos. I've taken photos of students playing the violin and string instruments. A had a percussionist want photos in her band uniform and mallets. You can have graduation photos taken outdoors or indoors. Click the link for more info on senior pictures.

High school graduation senior photo session Davis High school Kaysville Utah Michelle Deppe Photography

Maternity Sessions

  • The best time to have maternity photos is 29-33 weeks pregnant.
  • Wear a long flowing dress you love
  • bring your partner and kids (if you want)

After the Session

Give me 2 weeks to edit the photos and upload them to an online gallery for you to download, share, and buy prints. We can schedule a zoom meeting to talk about print options and how you want to use the photos. Professional heirloom prints start at $8 for a 5x7, $12 for a 8x10, and larger sizes and options are available. My print lab guarantees their work so if it doesn't print right they will fix it. I have not had any issues in the past. I've personally ordered graduation cards, Christmas cards, 11x14, 8x10 prints, 11x14 gallery wraps, 20x30 prints and everything has looked great and the paper and print quality make a difference.

Ready to book? Any Questions? I'd love to talk to you about your photos session.

Michelle Deppe is a lifestyle family and newborn photographer based in Kaysville, Utah serving Davis County and Salt Lake County. She is a mother of 4 and values connection and emotion in her photos. She will guide your family from maternity, newborn, family, and graduation photos. She is a published photographer with a unique look to her work. Smiles are not forced and the photos are timeless and classic.