A Fun Winter Family Session

After Christmas I met with this great family from Kaysville, Utah to have an extended family shoot. Relatives from Arizona braved the cold to come to Utah to visit family and have portraits made. We met in Layton with just a bit of snow on the ground. It was enough for the kids to through snow around and have a good time.

Tips for Winter Photos

#1 Be Comfortable

I think the main thing is to be relaxed for a photo shoot I want this to be a fun experience and low key. I'm glad the family wore boots and came prepared for the snow and cold. They also wore sweaters and comfy clothes that were not too tight or too baggy. Fitted clothes are the most flattering. Color choice matters also. They had complimentary colors of red and blue with neutral tones to blend well together. Solid colors, small patterns, and textured clothes look great in photos.

#2 Be on Time

The light right before sunset goes quickly so it's important to be on-time for the photo shoot. Usually my photo shoots are around an hour and kids (especially younger kids) get tired quickly.

#3 Stress Less

I know it takes a lot of work and planning and bribes to get family photos taken. Leave extra time to drive and plan on unexpected things happening. No shoot is perfect and kids have melt downs. It's all ok. I've been a mom for 21 years and there is always something that is crazy that happens. You'll be surprised how many shots I can get and how it works out in the end. With families I try to keep it casual and we play games and explore what's around us. Kids can take breaks and run and play in the shoot.

I hope this helps in planning a winter shoot. Please contact me for a session!