Family Photoshoot in Layton, Utah

I love the golden light with the tall, pale weeds, don't you? It was a beautiful sunny cloudless day that day. This family and I had so much fun playing in the weeds. One of the boys asked me if a lion could come out. I said, "Probably not, but maybe a snake could!" I haven't seen snakes here, but it is a wet land area with a lot of birds and ducks around. There is also a boardwalk that is fun to go along and be above the weeds. The mountains are beautiful anytime of year and are a great contrast to the sky and weeds I saw.

Here are some of my favorite shots from this shoot.

Quiet Moments

With my photography I like to shoot snuggles and capture the love between a child and parent. For me the connection matters the most in a family photo. I like to feel something when I look at a photo. I love the natural moments that happen in a session and I want the photos to show those moments.


I also love the playful times in a session and natural smiles! Our photo sessions are a lot of fun and I want the families I work with to play and giggle for some great smiley shots. In my photoshoot there is a warm up time where the family isn't sure about this whole "family photo" thing so they have to get loosened up. In the middle of the shoot they play and run and then have times they want a snack or get tired. It's all good. I like to capture all the different emotions I see in a shoot.

Being a parent means you are ready for anything. I've learned to expect anything to happen with kids. You have to let go of perfection and just take it as it comes. Having kids also has taught me to make sure to have time to play everyday. Life is about balance. I need to have time to work, play, sleep, imagine, think....all of it is life.

Time spent as a family will mean even more as the kids grow up and you can't through them up in the air anymore. It's great to have a memory, a photo of your life as it is right now.

Ready to make a family memory?