Iceland in March

Almost every landscape photographer dreams of going to Iceland. Why? Because of the epic landscape photos you see from professional photographers who have gone to the same place over and over again. I had a week in Iceland and had to manage my high expectations since we had stormy weather most of the time, my expensive camera was ruined, and I didn't get to use the lenses I rented. It was the most costly trip I'd ever taken and I felt a huge loss despite having a back up camera to use. Really frustrating and sad.

But, I really enjoyed the photography group and I loved exploring a new country. Iceland seemed really safe and I spent some time driving and walking around alone.

Overall Iceland was an adventure and very memorable. But because it was SO expensive, I don't think I'll be going back. When I went through customs in the states they asked what I brought back and I said that all I brought back were photos (and a broken $4000 camera I sold for parts on eBay.) I love to travel, but I need to stick to cheaper trips after this year.

I shouldn't sound so negative and things worked out ok. I upgraded and bought a new camera that I love and more lenses. I had travel insurance and camera insurance that helped out. Our workshop leader, Andy Mumford, let me use his mid range lens. I didn't have an ultra wide lens, but I had a zoom and I learned to deal with the limitations I had. It could have been worse.

It's been interesting to travel with my camera and take time to truly see what's in from of me. I like to wander outdoors with no agenda. My favorite place is outside.

It's taken me a while to look at my photos from this trip, but I found some I liked and I put them here below.

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