Utah Photo Locations

One of the hardest things about having your family photos taken is knowing where to take photos. Choosing a location is important for the type of photos you will end up with. It depends on your style, what you wear, time of day, and other factors.

Outdoor photos are a perfect place for family photos. It's more natural than a studio, formal portraits. I'd recommend looking at Farmington Pond in Davis County, Utah.

Farmington is known for a lot of biking and hiking trails close to Farmington Pond. If you go farther up the canyon you will find Farmington Waterfall, which is a great hike. It's a great place for outdoor pictures.

Farmington Pond, Utah

I've really liked Farmington Pond in Davis County, Utah for a relaxed family session. It s usually not too busy and beautiful during golden hour.

One part of the park has a small waterfall on rocks that are fun to photograph by. I had the girls throw rocks close by me, which they were doing in another area anyway. The rocks might not be ideal for toddlers, but can work if you hold the little ones. Here are some shots I took from the rocky area at the Farmington pond.

Here's a link to some of my favorite Davis County photo locations.

Farmington Pond Utah for outdoor family photo location with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography with family fall photos at Farmington Pond utah Davis County.
Davis County Utah photographer Michelle Deppe at Farmington Pond.
Farmington Pond in Davis County utah for family photos in autumn with Michelle Deppe photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography at Farmington pond in Northern Utah with fall family photos.
Michelle Deppe Photography at farmington pond.
Michelle Deppe Photography at Farmington Pond Utah in Davis County.
Davis County Utah Farmington pond with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Michelle Deppe Photography at Farmington Pond Davis County Utah.
fall pictures at Farmington Pond Utah with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Davis utah northern Farmington Pond fall family photos.
Rocky pond at Farmington Utah with Michelle Deppe
Fall family photos with Michelle Deppe at Farmington Utah.

Using a Pond for Family Photos

Family photos at a pond can be a wonderful and picturesque idea for several reasons:

  1. Natural Scenic Beauty: Ponds often offer a beautiful and tranquil natural backdrop for photographs. The reflection of the water, the surrounding greenery, and the presence of various aquatic plants and animals can create a serene and visually pleasing setting.
  2. Versatility: Ponds can provide a versatile environment for different types of photos. You can capture candid moments, posed family portraits, or even creative and playful shots by the water.
  3. Symbolism: Ponds symbolize serenity, harmony, and unity. Including a pond in family photos can symbolize the peace and togetherness that family represents.
  4. Connection to Nature: Being in a natural environment like a pond can help your family feel more relaxed and at ease during the photoshoot. This often results in more genuine and authentic expressions, making for memorable and heartwarming photographs.
  5. Seasonal Variety: Depending on the time of year, ponds can look very different. Whether it's a lush, green pond in the summer or a frozen one in the winter, the changing seasons can add unique character to your family photos.
  6. Fun and Activities: Ponds can also provide opportunities for fun and interactive photography sessions. You can feed the ducks, skip stones, or take a leisurely stroll around the water's edge, capturing candid moments of your family enjoying the outdoors.
  7. Timelessness: Pond-themed family photos can be timeless. They often don't go out of style and can be appreciated for years to come.
  8. Storytelling: Ponds can be incorporated into the narrative of your family photos, helping tell a story or convey a specific theme or message. This can add depth and meaning to your photographs.
  9. Reflection: Ponds offer reflective surfaces that can be creatively used to capture mirror-like images, which can be artistically appealing and add an extra dimension to your photos.
  10. Peace and Relaxation: The calming effect of water and nature can help family members feel relaxed and comfortable during the photoshoot, resulting in more natural and heartwarming moments being captured.

Remember to plan your family photo session at the pond with considerations for lighting, time of day, and clothing choices to ensure the best results. It's a good idea to work with a professional photographer, like Michelle Deppe Photography, who can help make the most of the location and create beautiful, lasting memories for your family.

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