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black background professional headshot Michelle Deppe photography studio

Michelle Deppe Photography Studio in Kaysville, Utah

Everyone needs a profile photo for social media, LinkedIn, and their business. Some need headshots for acting and a portfolio for modeling. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to make you look your best. Have you seen an impressive iPhone headshot? I don’t think so. Phone camera have a wide angle which distorts the image and isn’t as flattering for a close up headshot image. Phone cameras are great for wide angle shots, landscapes, street photography, and environmental portraits, but you need at least a 50mm lens to have your headshot look normal and not be a wide angle phone shot. Some people might use a friend that has a “good enough” camera. This can work but a pro knows how to use the light to your advantage. For a headshot you don’t have to worry about dress pants or a skirt. Just focus on the top since the photo will be cropped.

My headshot studio is in my basement at my home in Kaysville, Utah. I have an off camera flash and professional lenses and camera gear. To start the session I'll ask what the headshot is for and ideas of what you would like. Generally headshots are just of the face and shoulders. You can choose different backgrounds during the shoot and also have a clothes change. For backgrounds I have white, black, blue, and grey.  Some businesses I’ve worked with have wanted a solid white background and told their employees to wear a white collared shirt and black blazer, they can be very specific. Usually it's up to you to choose what you want to wear and what style of headshot you would like. Sometime people want an outdoor headshot and I've done those too. For black and white images I really like the black background. I can use Rembrandt lighting for a more moody feel. Really it’s up you and what the purpose of your headshot is. For acting you might want a different look than a corporate headshot. So we'll talk about it before the shoot.

Next, I’ll have you sit on a stool and have you pose different ways to photograph different angles. You can do some smiling, serious, and a half-smile. You decide what you like best and I'll take several shots. Headshot sessions are 20 minutes and the time goes quickly. I’ll show you the back of my camera to show you what I’m seeing and we’ll get a variety of images for you to choose from.

Looking Professional in Your Headshot Photo

  1. Neutral colors. For a corporate, business headshot wear solid colors that look good with your skin tone. Neutral colors, dark blue, grey, and black look very professional. Sometimes a business will tell you what they want you to wear for their website. I’d recommend a suit coat or blazer and white shirt. You don’t have to wear a tie, but something more formal looks more professional. For a traditional headshot in a studio you should wear traditional business attire.
  2. Dress for the style you want to show. If you want a headshot for acting or modeling you can be more casual and show your personality. Usually a black and white headshot is wanted for casting calls. You can have a more moody, emotional look or go for a big smile and keep it light.
  3. Look Confident. Wear clothes you fell good in that fit you well (not too tight or too baggy.) You want to look relaxed and approachable in your photo and uncomfortable clothes can make that hard.
  4. Glasses are ok. Sometimes there can be a glare from the flash or sunshine on your glasses, but you can wear your glasses. A good photographer will watch for a glare and fix it at the shoot. I can adjust the lights so it’s not an issue. You could have some shots without your glasses also for variety. 

What not to wear

Don’t wear any big statement jewelry pieces. Remember, the goal is for the camera to capture you in a professional light and have your personality shine through. And you don’t want your jewelry to overtake your entire outlook.

  1. Don’t wear flashy (in your face type) of colors. These will probably throw off the light from your face, and will give off a boldly over-the-top vibe, which is definitely the opposite of how you want to come across in your headshots.
  2. Don’t wear patterned clothes. Plain, solid colors look best for a business headshot. If you need a headshot for instagram you can wear whatever you with.
  3. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes. These will make you look bigger in your pictures, and will seem casual rather than professional. Instead, wear figure-hugging clothes that will make you seem fit and put together in your headshots.
  4. Don’t wear an inappropriate top. Even if you’re getting headshots for acting or modeling purposes, wearing professional and modest necklines are always better since they showcase your sensuality without being overtly inappropriate for a professional setting. 
  5. Don’t wear accessories like hats or sunglasses. These items can be distracting and look unprofessional—unless you’re getting a headshot for a specific acting assignment and props must be included.

Outdoor Headshots

outdoor headshot farmington utah Davis county

Moody more dramatic headshots

Actors, artists, and creatives might want a more artistic looking headshot and here are some examples of that. These were taken in my home studio with one light and Rembrandt lighting. I can take all kinds of headshots to match what you need and your style.

teen black and white dramatic headshot Michelle Deppe Photography studio Kaysville Utah
actor black and white dramatic headshot Michelle Deppe Photography studio Kaysville Utah

On-line Gallery for the Images

After the shoot I lightly edit the photos and will turn some into black and white. It takes me about a week to edit and upload the photos to an on-line gallery. I’ll email you the link and you can download and share the images. You can choose 5 images to download and keep. The images stay in the gallery for 2 weeks.

Unless you’re a paid super model most people don’t love having their photo taken. But I hope to help you fell at ease and relaxed during the shoot. Don’t forget to breathe and know it won’t last that long. I’ll get you images that show the best version of you!

Questions? Ready to book? I'd love to work with you!