Kay's Creek Parkway | Layton, Utah

One of my favorite locations is Kay's Creek Parkway. You don't have to hike anywhere, the mountain background is beautiful any time of year, and there are trees and tall grass so it doesn't seem like you're right next to a highway and suburb (which you actually are.) There are scrub oak bushes and a paved trail so you can have a stroller or wheel chair easily roll along. Right now the field is roped off and you have to stay close to the trail for photos, but it still works. Often I see deer here, especially at dusk. You can see beautiful sunsets and pink on the east mountains (especially with snow.).

What to Know

  • There are no restrooms or drinking fountains nearby.
  • The parking lot isn't that big and sometimes this place is busy with photographers. The best time to come is in the morning or on a week day.
  • Dogs are allowed. Often you see dog walkers here and it's a great place for a family photo with your dog!
  • The end of the trail leads to Hobb's Creek Reservoir if you want to walk a bit. There's also a stream or creek.
  • Don't park by the houses or restricted areas.
  • Beautiful fall colors, bright green grass in the spring, dry yellow grass in the summer, and snowy field and trees in the winter.
  • Dress warmly for the winter (wear sweaters, gloves, hats, and boots for a fun snowy photo)
bob and his 2 girls at kays creek parkway in layton, utah Davis County.

Gailey Trail by Nicholl's Park | Kaysville, Utah

The Gailey Trail is a dirt trail about a mile long with a stream, bridges, and tall trees. In the winter time it's especially beautiful. Some of the time it is shady, but in the winter there is less shade since the leaves are gone from the trees. In the winter about 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. is the best time for photos.

What to Know

  • No restrooms or drinking fountain
  • The trail is busy in the mornings and evenings
  • Dogs are allowed on the trail.
  • Parking is on the corner of Main Street and Nicholl's road in Kaysville.
  • bridges can be slippery in the winter
  • again, dress for the weather and be comfortable
In Kaysville, Utah a family of 6 is having Christmas Winter pictures.
Dad and his 3 daughters hugging at Gailey Trail In Kaysville, utah Davis County with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Dad and daughter hug on the Gailey Trail in Fruit Heights Utah Davis County.
Mom and Dad kissing on Gailey Trail in Kaysville for winter Christmas pictures with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Dad and daughter hug on the Gailey Trail in Fruit Heights Utah Davis County with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Dad and daughter hug on the Gailey Trail in Kaysville Utah Davis County.
Dad and his son smiling for family pictures in the winter on the snowy Gailey trail in Kaysville, utah Davis County.
Large family picture in the snowy winter on the Gailey Trail in Fruit Heights, Utah in Davis County.
mom and her 3 girls laughing at each other as they stand in the snow on Gailey Trail Kaysville, utah .
mom and her daughters hugging at the Gailey Trail at Kaysville Utah in winter with Michelle Deppe Photography.
Mom and Dad looking at each other in the winter on Gailey trail in Kaysville, utah Davis County.

Snowbasin | Huntsville, Utah

Snowbasin is not in Davis County but it's 30 minutes away for me and a beautiful location with mountains and pine trees. Many people stop and take photos along the way and you can have great scenery anywhere around Snowbasin. Since the resort closes at 4 it's not as busy at golden hour (an hour before sunset) when the light is the best. I've taken photos here in the fall with the colorful leaves and in the winter when it was snowing.

What to Know

  • There are not restrooms or drinking fountains where we take photos. You could drive farther down to go to the lodge at Snowbasin.
  • Roads are usually plowed well but you might need 4 wheel drive if it's really snowy. The road is windy and sometimes busy.
  • There is a lot of parking around Snowbasin and you don't have to hike anywhere to get great backgrounds.
  • Wear comfortable warm clothes and shoes.
  • Cell service is good here.
  • You can have your photo with your dog.

Winter can be a great time for your photos. The main thing is to dress warm and to be comfortable. I love to take photos outdoors year round!

snowBASIN winter family photos with pine trees and snowflakes
snowy Snowbasin for couple photos
mom and dad at Snowbasin utah in winter
couple snuggling with a blanket at Snowbasin utah with pine trees and mountain in the background.

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