lifestyle photography means it's more relaxed

My favorite photos are those that have true smiles and real emotions. They don't have to be perfect with everyone looking perfect with perfect skin. Fashion photography is great at perfection. I'm more of a realist. I want to capture your family as it is right now. Each family is amazing and unique and also imperfectly perfect. I hope you can come to the photo shot less stressed and let me lead the session. I like suggestions but you don't have to say "smile at the camera" like we are all taught to do.

what to wear

  1. You can coordinate your clothes, but not have to match. Some things to avoid are fluorescent colors, bright white, pitch black, logos, large prints, and busy patterns. It just looks better in a photograph.
  2. Solid colors, neutrals, pastels, complimentary colors, and earth tones work well together. This includes rich colors such as burgundy, deep greens, shades of blue and mustard.
  3. Varied textures in your choice of clothing are great (think denim, wool, linen, corduroy, cotton) and layering is excellent (such as scarves, beanies, and vests if it's cold).
  4. Please be comfortable. Don't wear shoes you can't walk in. Please wear warm enough clothes. In winter wear sweaters or jackets, not short sleeves (unless you want a very short session).
  5. Really what you wear is not as important as how you feel. I want you to FEEL comfortable and relaxed.

at the session

At the session I like to start with standing poses. Maybe we can walk together, hold hands, run, dance, be silly. You can snuggle together and give each other hugs, tell secrets , tell jokes, laugh. I like to have snuggly photos. Next are sitting "poses." You can sit together on a blanket, lay down, cuddle, hug.. that kind of thing. Maybe there are tears. That's ok. I can shoot quiet times together and a parent giving comfort. I just keep shooting and always find something to capture. It's your family story, your family memory for that day. One of my favorite photos was of a 3 year-old happy to be done and in the car. I shoot real life as well as a picture of your family life. In the end it's all a memory, a story I record for you.